Sport and movement

Sports amid nature as sources of wellness: various types of activities depending on the wishes, to explore, stay in shape or test yourself.

Trekking Courmayeur Aosta Valley

Courmayeur deserves its title of capital of sport and open air activities in the, with the largest natural gym in the world: the valley of the Mont Blanc.

An important tourism town for summer and winter sports, offers fans of movement a vast range of activities. Each person may experience your sports activities according to his or her interests and passions.

Courmayeur is a trekking paradise with 300 km of mid-mountain trails with signs for thematic excursion itineraries of a day that will allow you to explore the valleys, the villages, the nature and the traditions of its extraordinary territory. Courmayeur is also a phase of the tour of Mont Blanc, a mythical and spectacular excursion of 216 km in 7 – 11 days around the peak and that crosses Italy, Switzerland and France.

An impressive and challenging site, the Mont Blanc peak is the kingdom of extreme sports: mountaineering, climbing, ultra-marathon, mountain biking to practice accompanied by professionals of the mountain for your safety and full exploration of the territory.

The water sports, the adventure park or the activities of the Forum Sport Center may satisfy the bravest desiring movement and physical activities.

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